About Us

Our goal is to grow and harvest the highest quality fresh produce for the local community.

Close to Home Farm stands for local, organic, sustainable agriculture. We grow a wide variety of crops from carefully sorted seeds to produce delicious, healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers through environmentally friendly farming practices.

We use organic compost, green manure and crop rotation to maintain soil health.  Lots of organic hay mulch cover our vegetable beds to control weeds, retain moisture and conserve water use.  Row covers protect our young plants from pests and predators. We value and encourage the existence of beneficial insects and birds in our garden thus we do not use any harmful chemicals. Through the assistance of the local conservation foundation, we support the planting of trees and grasses to develop natural habitats for these creatures.


Our fresh, healthy and delicious organic produce is delivered weekly through our CSA program.  We also provide wholesome, high quality produce to the Landmark Group of restaurants.

You can find us every week during the summer at the following markets. Please come and see us if you are in the neighbourhood!


For any inquiries email us at closetohome.organics@sourcecable.net. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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