Crops we grow

Close to Home Farm  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) runs from June to October providing 18 weekly shares of fresh produce and other local farm products to members in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

We grow a wide variety of crops including edible flowers, herbs and ethnic vegetables from certified organic and untreated seeds. Your weekly food share varies depending on crops that are ripe for picking. Here’s a list of food that you will find in your weekly share.

Arugula Cilantro/Coriander Kale Radish
Basil Corn Kohlrabi Sage
Beans Cucumber Leek Salad mix
Beet Dill Lettuce Spinach 
Bok choy Edamame/Soy bean Onion Summer squash
Broccoli Eggplant Parsley Swiss chard
Brussels Sprout Fennel Parsnip  Thyme
Cabbage Garlic Peas Tomato
Carrots Ground cherry Pepper Tomatillo
Chinese Cabbage Green onion Potato Turnip
Celery Jerusalem Artichoke Pumpkin Winter squash

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