Close to Home CSA “Shares”

Thank you for your interest in our “Community Supported Agriculture” program. The Close to Home 18 week  vegetable subscription runs from  early/mid June to end of October providing members with enough quantities of vegetables for fresh eating every week depending on availability.

A “small” season share  can feed 1 person if vegan or 2 persons if not.  A “regular” share can feed 2 vegans or up to a family of 4.


  • Weekly Small share – $500.00
  • Weekly Regular share$650.00
  • Bi-weekly Small share$250.00
  • Bi-weekly Regular share$325.00

A vegetable availability list is distributed weekly.  Members can choose what they want and how much they want from a list of vegetables that are ripe for picking.

Members who would want to pickle and preserve produce can also purchase extra amounts of certain produce as they become available during the season, for example: basil for pesto; tomatoes for canning; beets and cucumbers for pickling.


You can pay in full by cash, through an e-transfer or cheque to reserve your share for the season. Payments can also be made in 2 or 4 installments dated at the 1st day of March and May for 2 installments and at the 1st of March, April, May and June for the 4 installment payments.  If at any point during the season you decide that the “CSA” program is not working for you, do let us know and your remaining weekly share cost will be refunded or will not be accounted for.

Missed Weekly Share

Please give us two weeks notice if you are going on vacation or will be missing your weekly share during the season.  In such case, veggie points can be used towards up coming weekly shares or can be refunded upon request. Missed weekly shares with out notice will be donated to local food centres. Payment will not be refunded in this case.

We are looking forward to growing with you!  Register now.