What is a “CSA”?

“CSA”, short for Community Supported Agriculture, is a way of growing and distributing food by the farmer directed towards the local consumer. The farmer commits to focusing on growing healthy, delicious food through organic, natural ways.  On the other hand, the consumer supports the farmer by paying for a “share” of the season’s produce in the beginning of the year which provides the farmer with start-up capital for buying seeds and other necessary supplies.  In this closely linked relationship, both parties benefit tremendously through each other’s support and commitment:

The Farmer…

…shares the risks of growing food with the consumer

…is guaranteed a more stable source of income

…saves time and resources through  efficient planning

…gets to focus on growing food from time saved on marketing

The Consumer…

…gets to know the farmer and learns how the food is grown and harvested

…benefits from fresh, healthy organic produce as they become available during the season

…contributes to an environmentally sound  method of producing and distributing food

…gets the opportunity to support the local food movement



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